Rifle Slings

4/10/2012 8:48:06 PM It all depends on what you are comfortable shooting with. If you are familiar with traditional 2 point rifle slings on a rifle and using them to steady your aim then that might be a good option. If you are used to the combat single point rifle slings then that might be a good option. I would say try both and see what you are comfortable with. I have the Condor bungie that converts from a 2 point to a 1 point sling. That way I can use it however I am comfortable with the particular weapon platform I am using. kevinjprice


4/23/2012 12:36:10 PM MAP: techbrute: It would literally cost less for you to move to a free state than for Magpul to come out with a new product which has a VERY limited market. There are probably more 30 round PMAGs actually sold in Texas in one year alone, then the entire demand for 10rd mags in CA. True. Doesn’t Magpul make a “block” to limit mag capacity to 10 rounds? Mike Magpul does make 10rd limiters, but California law requires that mags that are converted be done in such a way that it would destroy the magazine if it’s tampered with again after the conversion is done. There have been cases here where LE has questioned the way high capacity mags have been converted and that’s trouble I don’t need. Combat_Jack

Red Dot Sights

3/29/2012 11:54:29 AM By RandyStacyE: By chito24: Im looking for tight groups on paper. Any suggestions on good 1-4? Like i said i am willing to spend 600$ now because the Rifle scope i get will go on my .308 build when done. I also know 600 is not a whole lot of money but i am not competing any time soon…. You’ll want more magnification than a 1-4x in my opinion if you’re looking for tight groups at LONG distances. A 1-4x is great on a 16″ battle rifle IMO but that isn’t going to be a varmint rifle. I currently have a 3-9×40 and I want more magnification than that. Once you start checking the prices of Rifle scopes that are over 3-9x you’ll see that the price scale jumps pretty damn high. Get the best that you can afford and you will not regret it. A wide magnification range is ideal IMO. Keep in mind that you may want to shoot at closer distances sometimes, so you don’t want your low end of the magnification to be real high. I’ve had my eye on the Bushnell HDMR 3.5-21X 50 and the Bushnell 3.5-21×50 Elite Tactical. That’s a hell of a magnification range. It lets you shoot close and far. Yeah i decided to go a different route…. Those are nice but very expensive….. TY for the info…. chito24

‘Seattle Bridges: Monumental Drawings’ at Davidson Galleries works on several levels

‘Seattle Bridges: Monumental Drawings’ at Davidson Galleries works on several levels
It makes perfect sense that Pittsburgh artist Douglas Cooper should feel an affinity with the topography of Seattle. Pittsburgh, after all, is a town of hills and waterways and bridges, just as Seattle is. The difference between them — and the …

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This small change has allowed rifles such as the

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Now he’s fighting to restore his constitutional rights. Before deploying overseas, the soldier drove his collection – which included an

Gear Tuesday: Nikon scope for your
This looks like a good scope for those who like to plink at certain rodents in the spring. The Nikon P-223 scope is preset to the ballistics for standard .223 rounds for an

Is the piston the next big evolution for the AR?

Authorities seek ‘
A possible serial bomber is at work in the valley. Three flashlights, rigged with bombs, have exploded and injured people in the past two weeks. “We’re confident that the 3 are related,” says ATF Special Agent in Charge Tom Atteberry. “We’re …

Ghillie Suit

4/11/2009 11:06:40 PM Nice job for a homemade Ghillie Suit Suit wth pieced together materials. I am assuming you go to OK State Univ. Just curious as I graduated from OK State in ’96 . Wormydog1724 4/12/2009 7:27:10 PM ya I am going to OSU right now. Another year and a half, hopefully! About the camo painting of burkap, that is what I am going to instead of dying,

Grip Pod

1/13/2008 12:48:55 PM You have a valid question and I will try to answer to the point .The Patented Grip Pod is a 6.5 ounce vertical forgrip with a integrated bipod that deploys in one 90th of a second with the push of a button . The strength of the polyemer mod 02 tempered stainless steel model will alloy a 275 lb man standing up on the rifle with the Grip Pod deployed all day . This is one reason the U S Army adopted it as their issue bipod after they tested most bipods and we have delivered close to 400,000 to the U S Army and 200,000 to the U S Marine Corps. Addionally we are proud to help our fighting men any way we can . Furthermore U S Navy EOD bought a large number and use them on their mk 18 . Also many of the special operations groups have purchased large numbers . It was made for the m16 utilizing an issue 30 round mag so the mag does not monopod with the bipod deployed . Also please be aware of cheap Illegal inferior chinese knock offs as they were made for toy air soft guns we have heard of dangerous chemicals in the cheap plastic of their knock offs Thank You for your interest Grip Pod SYSTEMS JRM cpd670

Stanag Scope Mount ARMS #21

1/22/2012 6:07:22 PM Try A.R.M.S., very good stuff. This may be your best option: http://www.mountsplus.com/AR-15_Accessories/AR-15_Scope_Rings/ARMS-6.html I am looking for a suitable mount for my Zeiss Orion 80. It has got a stanag scope mount arms #21 base as part of the scope. TNVC sells the M845 scope with stanag scope mount arms #21 #310 base which places the scope far enough back to make it usable. Would this base fit the Orion? If yes, what would be the source to get it? Thanks: longshot270 Dawg180

Pistol Grips

1/9/2012 10:11:13 AM contrary to popular belief, you can shoot a pistol pistol grip shotgun just fine using the right method.. HUMONGO [Team Member] 1/9/2012 12:29:10 PM Originally Posted By RogueSpear2023: Pistol pistol grips on shot guns aren’t practical, but look good in the movies. I don’t find any pistol pistol grip stock to be practical with a Mossberg 500 or 590 but that’s just me. Me too. I hate the 870s because you have to move your pistol grip to use the safety and bolt release. With the 500, the release gets to be a pain in the ass if it has a pistol grip. a_number_1