Pennsylvania: Pro-Gun Candidate Defeats Anti-Gun Mayor of Chambersburg

Pennsylvania: Pro-Gun Candidate Defeats Anti-Gun Mayor of Chambersburg
After a highly contested mayoral race, pro-gun candidate Darren Brown defeated anti-gun incumbent Mayor Pete Lagiovane yesterday.  The defeat of anti-gun extremist Pete Lagiovane marks a huge victory for Second Amendment supporters and sportsmen in Chambersburg.

Kansas: Topeka considers restricting concealed carry in cars
Topeka’s governing body is being asked to reverse the decision it made this past December to allow loaded guns to be transported in vehicles.

Teen wows science fair with body-heat powered flashlight
The next time you go camping, don’t worry about batteries or an outlet to power your flashlight. If you have a model designed by teenager Ann Makosinski, you can light your way with your own body heat. When 15-year-old Ann, a high school junior from …

California: Sunnyvale voters to decide gun control Measure C
In one of the Bay Area’s more disputed ballot battles of 2013, Sunnyvale voters on Tuesday might decide to go much further than state lawmakers and the governor did this year in imposing new gun controls.

Vermont Federation of Sportmen’s Clubs decries gun control event
The Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs is criticizing the city of Burlington for allowing a gun legislation event to be held in City Hall on Veterans Day.”The federation holds it is disheartening that the mayor and city council would allow any activist events to take place in the city council chambers on Veterans Day,” Vice President Evan Hughes wrote in a statement on behalf of the Vermont Federation of Sportsmen’s Clubs, which is the state’s National Rifle Association affiliate and a group that has spoken out against gun related legislation.

California: NRA ready to contest tough new gun limits
Sunnyvale voters overwhelmingly passed one of the nation’s toughest gun laws Tuesday, prompting the National Rifle Association to threaten a federal lawsuit to block it.

Signs of Life in the Free Market as Americans Vote with Their Dollars
You can tell an awful lot about how people view freedom by how they freely spend their money.

Typhoon Haiyan: Doctors performing surgery by flashlight
TANAUAN, Philippines — In a small city in the typhoon-battered Philippines, what’s left of the town hall has been turned into a field hospital where volunteer surgeons are operating on survivors by flashlight. A 16-member team from California …

Grassroots Alert: Vol. 20, No. 44 11/08/2013

Appellate Court Affirms Unconstitutionality of California Ammunition Controls
To follow up on an earlier NRA report, on November 6, California’s Court of Appeals upheld a lower court decision invalidating a California law that threatened to limit access to, and compel recordkeeping for, ammunition sales.   

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