Australian Police Sting Finds One in Five Owners Incorrectly Storing Guns

Australian Police Sting Finds One in Five Owners Incorrectly Storing Guns
Police have seized 14 firearms and a cross bow from people who have failed to uphold firearm storage requirements in Melbourne’s inner north-west. As part of an operation targeting breaches of firearm storage, police from the North West Metro region knocked on the doors of 62 houses in northern and western suburbs to check licensed owners were storing their guns correctly. Detective Superintendent Alan Byrnes said that nearly one in five gun owners were found… [Age (Melbourne), via]

Zimbabwe Air Force Official Arrested Over Unintentional Shooting
An Air Force of Zimbabwe official who accidentally shot a 14-year-old boy after trying to clear a loaded gun he had seized from a Chitungwiza businessman was yesterday remanded in custody. The wounded boy was shot on the right pelvis with the bullet protruding at the right buttock. He is still admitted to Chitungwiza Central Hospital. Gerald Gurwe (23), stationed at Manyame Air Base allegedly received information that the businessman, Mr Trust Jasi had taken his uncle… [Herald (Zimbabwe), via]

Choose the scope that suits your rifle

The quality of the rifle scope and the hunting scope will always have a very huge effect on your hunting. These features can make your hunting success as they allow you to see and shoot accurately. The quality of these is more worth that the quality of the rifle. Even an ordinary rifle can be used with a good quality scope in a different manner during the time of hunting. See to the rifle scope with good cross hair guides which you can see when you look through the scope.

See what you buy
Larger the objective lens the more light it can transmit and even the image can be seen in a brighter and clear manner and helps in targeting it properly. By using a powerful scope you can see the view of the direction which you are seeing and even at a far distance can be covered. The accuracy of the longer shots can be done correctly by the rifle which you use if you choose a right magnification. See that they are water proof and fog proof for a long use. Also clean the surface of the rifle before you start for hunting as a dry and cleaned gun would work better. Also these perfect scopes are not found on the internet you need to search for a professional hunting store where you can also find a gunsmith who can help you in maintaining your gun. All the accessories you need can be bought in the particular stores. The people in the stores help you in getting the correct rifle scope which is suitable for your rifle.

Think before you use
Also to share the scopes they should be in a proper condition and suit for the both rifles. It is also important to see that they are in a proper condition as they are used during hunting. If the rifles are of the same caliber and share the same features then a same hunting scope can be used but it should be about the perfect size. The screws of the ring and the base should be very tight for any rifle to work properly. But if the same scope is used then you should double check the tightness and the other things of the rings and screws. If you like to use your hunting scope for the other gun then sees that it suits to the gun. So keep a few important points in your mind before you get a rifle scope which ensures you a successful hunt.

Aimpoint P.R.O., the optical system with unbeatable quality

Aimpoint has manufactured quality optics for the past 35 years. Aimpoint PRO or the Patrol Rifle Optic is the best option for you to purchase a quality optical system without having to spend too much. It is a bargain at $400 online to get an optic system that is so durable, rugged and simple by a reputable company like Aimpoint which has put a lot of effort into building this optic.

Lesser features with uncompromised quality
The Aimpoint PRO gives you the option to scale down some features when required without entirely taking them away. The Patrol Rifle Optic developed generally for use in Law Enforcement has forty levels of brightness in both red dot and Night vision. They have now switched to standard aluminium housing from the previous extruded aluminium and have also changed the battery compartment. It has half an inch of Minutes of Angle (MOA) at 100 yards as opposed to one fourth of an inch. This is how they have brought down the costs; they just fine tuned some features which are unnoticeable and have left the quality uncompromised.

Aimpoint uses the same Advanced Circuit Efficiency Technology they have used in every reflex sight they have made till date. What they have cut down on is expensive manufacturing methods. They cut down 5 mm on the glass and use a different mounting method. They switched to a smaller and lighter battery that lasts 30,000 hours as opposed to 50,000 or 80,000 hours. The battery is a little difficult to find in the market and the fewer brightness option leaves the high settings a little too high as the range is limited. The gears and adjustment dial is more exact which have greatly shrunk the price.

What is commendable is that they have not compromised on the quality so as to single-handedly lose the name they have fought to build for themselves over the years.

The unbeatable quality
This Aimpoint PRO is perfect for those who want quality at a lower price. For those who are very particular to the range it offers in its different settings options should go for another pricey product that Aimpoint has to offer.
The reliability and simplicity of the product make up for its price for sure. The features are enough for the price you pay. The quality is unbeatable and will be a great factor in not changing your mind about this product. To be precise, its simply value for money.

“Keep your guns – Come to Texas”

“Keep your guns – Come to Texas”

Listen to Robert Emmerich introduce The Big Apple , a hit song from 1937. Music written by Bob and performed by Tommy Dorsey’s Clambake Seven with Bob on piano.

Armed protest at Alamo ends quietly

Gun enthusiasts gathered at the Alamo Saturday to rally for the right to openly carry firearms, without state and local restrictions that are now in place.

'Fast and Furious' is Ok, But The Innocent Gun Buyer Goes to Prison

It might seem like idiocy on steroids, but that’s kinda how our Federal Government operates.

Accessorize Your AR 15

AR 15 is a semi-automatic rifle which has many variants. Before you pick your AR 15, it is advisable that you check the specifications of all the variants and judge for yourself which would be the best one for you. Remember, your AR 15 has to be handled with extreme caution and expertise, as it’s quite dangerous a toy. Even if you only shoot clay balls and tin cans, you need to do it with precision every time you shoot, in order to prevent injures to yourself and any other person.
Once you have purchased your AR-15, you might want to glam it up a little. You have various options to accessorize your AR-15, thanks to manufacturers and distributors who supply their products globally. However, no matter how you modify the AR-15, at the end of the day you need to be comfortable with your instrument.

What’s on the list?
The range of AR-15 accessories is an extensive one. AR-15 accessories include different varieties of Upper Receiver Parts, Lower Receiver Parts, Magazines, Optics, Flashlights, Bipods, Lasers and many more. AR-15 accessories are available at your nearest arms and ammunitions store and also on the internet. However, you need to be very cautious while buying AR 15 accessories as your transaction must comply with domestic and international laws, whichever is applicable for that particular transaction. The sale and purchase of arms and ammunition are under the strict surveillance of law, and any derogatory action from your end might lead to severe repercussions.
One thing that you need to keep in mind when you purchase AR 15 accessories, is that the expensive items are not necessarily the best ones. AR 15 accessories are manufactured by many different companies, hence the difference in price.

For example, in terms of magazines, the AR-15 TAPCO 30 ROUND MAGAZINE is priced at $16.99 whereas the Polymer AR-15 30 Round 5.56/.223 Magazine is priced at $26.99.
Similarly, to emphasize on the difference in price, let’s take another example of AR 15 Bipods. The AR-15 Universal Zytel Clamp-On Bipod is priced at $10.99 whereas the NcStar Adjustable Precision Grade Bipod is priced at $34.99.

So, the point is, for beginners, it is recommended that you do not go for the most expensive items if you find a cheaper substitute which meets your requirements without compromising with the quality and efficiency of the product. As long as they are able to justify their functions, all the accessories, irrespective of their prices, are good enough for beginners.

Military veterans rally to rescue benefits

Military veterans rally to rescue benefits
WASHINGTON — Jesse and Caroline Bier understand better than most how much the partial government shutdown threatens the livelihood of military veterans. The couple from Fredericksburg, Va., are both retired Marines. Caroline Bier, who now …

Coalition of veteran and military groups demanding end to shutdown
A coalition of 33 organizations representing veterans and members of the military are to gather at the World War II Memorial Tuesday morning to demand an end to the government shutdown that members say is harming veterans and military families.

California: Pleasant Hill City Council to Consider Stringent Requirements on Firearm Sales
The Pleasant Hill City Council is scheduled to consider an ordinance at a public hearing this Monday, September 30, that would require all firearms dealers to obtain a police-issued permit from the City of Pleasant Hill in order to lawfully sell firearms and ammunition in the City.  Drafted by Mayor Michael Harris and Councilmember David Durant, this proposed ordinance seeks to formalize the procedure and requirements for obtaining such permits.

An interview with Florida lobbyist Marion Hammer
Marion Hammer is one of Florida’s most influential lobbyists. She served as president of the National Rifle Association from 1995 to 1998, is a member of the NRA board and has been the executive director of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida, the state’s NRA affiliate, since 1976.

Former escort paid corrupt detective constable £19,000 cash to plant a shotgun or drugs on her ex-boyfriend… then got cold feet and reported him

Former escort paid corrupt detective constable £19,000 cash to plant a shotgun or drugs on her ex-boyfriend… then got cold feet and reported him
A former escort paid a corrupt detective to plant drugs or a shotgun on her ex-boyfriend after they broke up – but backed out of the deal and reported him. Claire Smethurst, 48, who claims judges and barristers are among her clients, was said to …

Guy Gets Scared Riding Shotgun In Drift Car
We’re used to see various girls riding shotgun in drifting cars and getting scared. We laugh at their reaction to the G forces and we usually think “Women…” Well some of us guys are just as scared of this type of stuff. Watch this guy’s reaction change …

AR-10 Stocks | Mounting Solutions Plus
AR-15 Accessories; Browning Rifle Accessories; Enfield Accessories; FN FAL Accessories; … AR-10 Stocks. Magpul PRS AR-10/SR25 (.308) Rifle Stock. Price: $242.25