Deputy’s patrol car broken into, M-16 rifle stolen

Deputy’s patrol car broken into, M-16 rifle stolen
Jonesboro police say sometime overnight someone broke into a Craighead County sheriff’s deputy’s patrol car and stole an M-16 rifle. The deputy told Officer Chris Perry the break-in happened sometime between 6 p.m. Monday and 6 a.m. Tuesday in the 1100 …

Missing M-16 vanished from Sheriff’s Department in February
It took about six months before the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department realized it was missing one of its M-16 rifles, a department official said Wednesday. Sheriff’s Department spokesman Steve Whitmore said it appears the fully automatic …

M-16 Assault Rifle Missing From LA County Sheriff’s Department
LOS ANGELES ( — The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has misplaced one of its M-16 rifles, officials said. The assault rifle, which is most commonly used by the military and law enforcement, was given to the department by the Governor …

M-16 rifle misplaced by L.A. County Sheriff’s Department
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has misplaced one of its M-16 rifles, officials said Tuesday. In an internal email sent to department supervisors Friday, Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers said the weapon’s disappearance was …

Thief takes M-16 from deputy’s car
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Missing M-16 Assault Rifle Has Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department In A Bind (VIDEO)
Assistant Sheriff Todd Rogers sent around an internal memo on Friday, asking supervisors to “to turn over EVERY rock to find this missing rifle,” reports the Los Angeles Times … has already changed: the California Governor’s Office of …

JPFO’s Executive Director Charles Heller on Armed Armed American Radio.
Charles talks 2A matters with Mark Walters of Armed American Radio, while returning on Monday Sept 26th from the weekend Chicago Gun Rights Policy Conference.

The link supplied is to the sound file itself – or go direct to the Talkin’ to America page. – where there is a player option also.

IDF phasing out M-16 in favor of Israeli-made Tavor
Maj. Roniel Turgeman, head of the Infantry Corps’ weaponry department, told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday that the latest – and smallest – version of the gun, called the Micro Tavor, places most of the weight of the firearm at the back, thereby …

M-16, shotgun, body armor stolen from FBI agent’s car in Southpark
An M-16, a shotgun, night vision equipment and body armor were all stolen from an FBI agent’s car in Southpark. The FBI showed Channel 9 the type of gun stolen from the agents car on Aug. 15. “We take it very seriously. We are using all of our resources …

Military Grade VS Law Enforcement Equipment

Military Grade VS Law Enforcement Equipment
While warzone and law enforcement operations might have many things in common, there are quite a few distinct differences when it comes to designing their respective equipment and accessories. This is why, when buying weapons and accessories, you must know what you want to use them for and in what situations. Military grade equipment, more […]

While warzone and law enforcement operations might have many things in common, there are quite a few distinct differences when it comes to designing their respective equipment and accessories. This is why, when buying weapons and accessories, you must know what you want to use them for and in what situations. Military grade equipment, more often than not, is designed for extremely dangerous situations where combat is expected with quite some certainty, while law enforcement equipment emphasizes on protection, intimidation and safety.

To be deemed military grade a weapon or accessory has to be made with special materials and its design must have been tried and tested in many situations. Of course many military grade accessories are used in law enforcement operations, but being of a more pacifist nature the latter include products useless in the military.

While rifles are the weapons of choice of most soldiers, handguns and shotguns are usually used by law enforcement officers. The latter can be easily concealed and are very powerful in close quarter combat. This way a law enforcement officer can remain neutral until his weapon is needed, without intimidating the public, while a soldier pretty much must look like a soldier all the time.

Most law enforcement operations happen in an urban environment, where there are many innocent bystanders. A law enforcement officer is thus forced to work in very close combat or limited sight situations. This calls for superior maneuverability and efficiency. A soldier will most often operate with fewer restrictions and will need more power and the ability to overwhelm.

In law enforcement you need accessories that help you keep your suspect alive, while in military situations this is by far rarer as military grade equipment is not designed to be used for deterrence.

Having read all of the above, one can draw some clear conclusions about what type of equipment someone needs depending on the type of operation one needs it for. Law enforcement equipment is meant for close quarter combat and is usually used more to intimidate than to strike. Military equipment is meant to be deadly and accurate preferably from a long distance.

Often there is an issue of compatibility depending on if the weapon you bought is for commercial or military use. This is why you have to decide for one of the two for most accessories. Many accessories from superior product lines are compatible with both types of equipment, like many sights and flashlights.

So, if you want something to protect you in the city or your home, or if you are a law enforcement officer of any kind, you should prefer law enforcement equipment for sure. Military grade equipment is best suited for veterans, collectors and people living in dangerous open spaces.

If you intend to use your gun, either for self protection or for sport, you should choose what suits your needs best, because not all weapons are equally suited for every situation you will face. Choose your equipment wisely, having your goal in mind, and you can’t go amiss.

Green Berets take on anti-gunners at annual meeting

Green Berets take on anti-gunners at annual meeting
The Special Forces Association held its 2013 annual National Convention in San Antonio Texas. With over 1,000 active-duty and former U.S. Army Green Berets in attendance it was resolved to ensure politicians understood the Association’s membership’s steadfast support of the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

Rep. Jackson Lee introduces bill to cut funds to states with strong self-defense laws
Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee reintroduced the Justice Exists for Us All Act to Congress Wednesday.The bill, which the Texas Democrat stated is a response to the acquittal of George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, would pressure states to drop stand-your-ground laws, which assert that citizens can use force for self-defense rather than being required to retreat from dangerous situations.

APPS Abuse: The Sequel – Another NRA News Video Exposes Cal-DOJ’s Firearm Confiscation Program For What It Truly Is
After the success of its first video revealing some truths about the value of the California DOJ’s Armed Prohibited Persons System (APPS) program, Ginny Simone and NRA News have released a follow-up video containing an extended interview with former DOJ Special Agent, Greg Cameron, who has nothing good to say about the California DOJ gun seizure program in which he has participated.

Virginia: Gun crime drops again as firearm sales soar
Gun related violent crime continues to drop in Virginia as the sales of firearms continue to soar, a pattern that one local criminologist finds interesting “given the current rhetoric about strengthening gun laws.”Major gun crime collectively dropped for a fourth consecutive year statewide, while firearms sales climbed to a new record in 2012 with 490,119 guns purchased in 444,844 transactions a 16 percent rise over 2011, according to federally licensed gun dealer sales estimates obtained by the Richmond Times Dispatch.The proliferation of guns occurred as the total number of major reported crimes committed with all types of firearms in Virginia dropped 5 percent, from 4,618 offenses in 2011 to 4,378 last year, according to Virginia State Police data.

Father kills son, self at YWCA offices in New Hampshire
The counselor who was present at the time managed to escape unarmed, officials said. A tactical team searched the building, including some apartments over the YWCA offices, afterward to ensure a shooter wasn’t on the loose. Autopsies were …

New handgun law eases some restrictions
Widely overlooked in the Moral Monday protests that have focused on changes in laws concerning education, abortion and voter identification is new handgun legislation signed by Gov. Pat McCrory on July 31. The legislation made significant …

N.J. handgun law heads to state’s top court
TRENTON — For the first time in nearly half a century, the state Supreme Court will hear a landmark case that could redefine gun rights in New Jersey. The state’s highest court has agreed to consider a challenge to the toughest gun-control law in New …

Camouflage hat leads police to rape suspect

Camouflage hat leads police to rape suspect
Chalmette, La. – Investigators say a camouflage hat helped reveal a suspect in a rape case. According to St. Bernard Parish deputies, the victim claims 25-year-old Denera Carter lured her to an apartment with an offer to smoke marijuana. Once at the …

Single-design camouflage uniforms pushed as money saver
“Congress is right to exercise its oversight role to eliminate the waste and duplication in camouflage uniforms policy.” The four military branches have introduced seven camouflage uniforms with different patterns and colors — two desert, two …

It’s not working! Maria Menounos stands out from the crowd despite donning camouflage hotpants for stroll in Beverly Hills
And no wonder, for her tanned legs looked lovely in the skimpy shorts, which she teamed with a delightfully thin, white V-neck T-shirt and cowgirl ankle boots. The Greek goddess had her brown hair flowing freely onto her shoulders and also …

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Heck, for kicks, I’ve mounted a Polarion CSWL
55-watt HID on a SCAR 17. Lights up targets 1/2 mile away like day, and just about eliminates muzzle…

BMW i8: The Wraps Come Off (But Not the Camouflage Paint)
BMW is being a bit schizophrenic with its electric cars. It debuted the 2014 i3 with simultaneous gala launches in London, New York and Beijing. I was there in New York but they didn’t let anyone drive the darned thing—we were offered around-the-blocks …

Elzetta ZSM Tactical Shotgun Flashlight Mount | MSP

Elzetta ZSM Tactical Shotgun Flashlight Mount | MSP
Tactical Shotgun Flashlight Mount for The Elzetta ZSM will work with Remington 870, Remington 1100, Remington 1187, Mossberg 500, Mossberg 590, Mossberg 590A1 …

Surefire Flashlights | Mounting Solutions Plus
SureFire G2X Pro Dual-Output LED Flashlight – 320 lumens (G2X-D-BK) Price: $74.99. SureFire G2X Tactical Single-Output Led Flashlight – 320 lumens LED (G2X-C-BK)

Seeking Answers After Youth’s Death in Police Stop
Mr. Hernandez-Llach was not one of them. He had failed physical education, a subject he disliked, friends and family said. “That’s Israel,” Ms. Diaz said. “P.E. wasn’t a priority. It was about his art work.” Nick Madigan reported …

Police Decry Belfast ‘Anarchy’ as 56 Officers Hurt
Northern Ireland’s police chief vowed Saturday to hunt down and imprison scores of Protestant militants after they attacked and wounded 56 officers protecting a parade by Irish Republican Army supporters. Friday night’s outbreak of violence in …

Police Shooting Draws New Scrutiny
The U.S. Department of Justice will review the case of an unarmed Bronx teenager who was fatally shot by a police officer to determine if any civil rights laws were violated, federal officials said Thursday. Enlarge Image Bronx borough District Attorney …

The Muzzelite Precision is very good,

The Muzzelite Precision is very good,

Makes it a VERY handy, compact weapon. *The Muzzelite Precision is very good, recoil slightly reduced because of plastic. * Adding rails to foregrip lets you install laser sights, flashlights etc quite easily. * Trigger pull is quite good for a bull-pup (with a little work, read “Cons”) * It’s a neat little CQB or plinker gun. Cons: * Don’t buy if you are a “can’t do anything” guy, it requires minor fitting, such as smoothing trigger bar edges, (use sharp cutter, not a file) adding grease to the guide channels, etc. It’s not difficult, but you have to know you need to do it. * Will not work with some high capacity “banana” mags (but you can modify a bit the grip) * Not for left handers.

Talkin’ to America: Charles Heller speaks on Radio KCAA, California

Talkin’ to America: Charles Heller speaks on Radio KCAA, California
Kevin Shannon on KCAA out of California talks to Charles Heller, Executive Director of JPFO, who discusses the new frontiers of JPFO, constitutional carry in Arizona and how it came about, and his status as a political refugee from Mayor Daley’s gun ban.

Sunday, 01 April 2007 21:21 This is just a quick overview with updates to come. From my use so far I find this jacket to be a great lightweight windbreaker.

Talkin’ to America: Charles Heller speaks about “Project GunWalker”
Charles Heller, on his Liberty Watch Radio talks about his analysis of BATFE’s “Operation Fast & Furious,” which has turned into “Project GunWalker,” supplying guns used in Mexico to murder, including one U.S. Agent, and probably there’ll be another.

Saturday, 15 May 2010 13:14 Overall DIMS: Approx 22″ L x 12″ W x 13″ H. Maxpedition keeps the options coming with this new big boy MPB variant, the XXL.