Grip Pod

1/13/2008 12:48:55 PM You have a valid question and I will try to answer to the point .The Patented Grip Pod is a 6.5 ounce vertical forgrip with a integrated bipod that deploys in one 90th of a second with the push of a button . The strength of the polyemer mod 02 tempered stainless steel model will alloy a 275 lb man standing up on the rifle with the Grip Pod deployed all day . This is one reason the U S Army adopted it as their issue bipod after they tested most bipods and we have delivered close to 400,000 to the U S Army and 200,000 to the U S Marine Corps. Addionally we are proud to help our fighting men any way we can . Furthermore U S Navy EOD bought a large number and use them on their mk 18 . Also many of the special operations groups have purchased large numbers . It was made for the m16 utilizing an issue 30 round mag so the mag does not monopod with the bipod deployed . Also please be aware of cheap Illegal inferior chinese knock offs as they were made for toy air soft guns we have heard of dangerous chemicals in the cheap plastic of their knock offs Thank You for your interest Grip Pod SYSTEMS JRM cpd670

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