Military veterans rally to rescue benefits

Military veterans rally to rescue benefits
WASHINGTON — Jesse and Caroline Bier understand better than most how much the partial government shutdown threatens the livelihood of military veterans. The couple from Fredericksburg, Va., are both retired Marines. Caroline Bier, who now …

Coalition of veteran and military groups demanding end to shutdown
A coalition of 33 organizations representing veterans and members of the military are to gather at the World War II Memorial Tuesday morning to demand an end to the government shutdown that members say is harming veterans and military families.

California: Pleasant Hill City Council to Consider Stringent Requirements on Firearm Sales
The Pleasant Hill City Council is scheduled to consider an ordinance at a public hearing this Monday, September 30, that would require all firearms dealers to obtain a police-issued permit from the City of Pleasant Hill in order to lawfully sell firearms and ammunition in the City.  Drafted by Mayor Michael Harris and Councilmember David Durant, this proposed ordinance seeks to formalize the procedure and requirements for obtaining such permits.

An interview with Florida lobbyist Marion Hammer
Marion Hammer is one of Florida’s most influential lobbyists. She served as president of the National Rifle Association from 1995 to 1998, is a member of the NRA board and has been the executive director of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida, the state’s NRA affiliate, since 1976.

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