Liberals blame NRA, Tea Party for LAX shooting

Liberals blame NRA, Tea Party for LAX shooting
A post at Fire Andrea Mitchell said the media proclamation accomplished the desired results. “$10 says the #LAX shooter, Paul Ciancia, is a Tea Party member,” one person tweeted. “Turns out the 23 y/o LAX shooters and murderer (Paul Ciancia) was a very …

NRA cares about gun safety
The letter to the editor, “NRA opposes laws to store guns safely,” was far from the truth. The National Rifle Association is diligent in teaching safety first. One of the first things you learn in the NRA basic pistol class is to store firearms …

Why the NRA Is Afraid of Doctors
This week the journal Pediatrics published an article on the costs and outcomes of children treated for gunshot wounds. The researchers analyzed more than 500 emergency and trauma admissions for injuries caused by guns over a three-year period …

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