Delaware: Appeal filed on WHA gun restrictions

Delaware: Appeal filed on WHA gun restrictions
The National Rifle Association backed plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the Wilmington Housing Authority have formally filed their brief with the U.S. 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals seeking to overturn limits on gun possession in public housing.

New Mexico parks consider respecting Right-to-Carry
The state is considering allowing people who have a license to carry concealed guns to bring their weapons into New Mexico state parks.

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On Election Day, Send a Message
In professional football, there was a time when it was considered unsportsmanlike to run up a score against an opponent. Once victory in a game was assured, a coach would pull the first string off the field and send in the bench-warmers to get some experience while running out the clock.

Canada: Hunting activity up after gun registry demise
Cool temperatures and bright sunny skies greeted deer hunters on Friday morning on the opening day of deer hunting season in Nova Scotia.Some gun shop owners have already seen an upswing in their business and they’re crediting the federal government’s decision to scrap the long gun registry.

Ex-justice urges next Congress and president to restrict the Second Amendment
Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens demonstrated the importance of America’s upcoming presidential choice as he spoke Monday to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Justice Stevens told the assembled gun grabbers of the urgent need for Congress to adopt laws restricting the right to keep and bear arms.

Black Gun Owners: Rock and a hard place
You ever wonder why there are so few African Americans at your pro-gun event?  For many shooters in the black community gun ownership makes them a pariah.  They deal with gun bigotry, cultural alienation and a lack of support.  Let me illustrate one case with a guy named Phil and his family.

Right-to-Carry permit holders speak out at CU-Boulder gun forum
A University of Colorado discussion about guns on campus changed course Wednesday as at least a half dozen people in the audience identified themselves as students with concealed weapon permits and defended their right to bring firearms to school.

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