Rifle Scopes

2/10/2011 12:12:50 PM Originally Posted By JOHNNY223: I’m new to the game so what is generally considered the “best” magnification range that would do the job from CQB out to the usual max distanced that you guys see in most matches. I presently have a Trijicon Accupoint 1.25-4x (German #4) that works great out to 225y for me, but I’m thinking that the lack of bullet drop or a holdover scale is going to limit what I can do out to the furthest targets in the various stages. So: * What is out there that is thought of to be the best Rifle Scopes for 3 gun right now. * What is considered to be “enough to do the job” in magnification . (1-4 with a bullet drop built in?) * What is the usual size steel out to 500 – 600y ? Thanks. J223… No one can tell you what the best scope/rifle/pistol/car/dishwasher for you is, since there will always be differences in use cases and preferences. If you ask what the best Rifle Scopes is, people will usually tell you what the best for them is, which might not be at all what you’re looking for. Better would be “These are my preferences, my intended use and this is how much I want to spend. What scopes should I look at to find something that suits me” Most 3-gun matches dont really go beyond 350 and very few go beyond 425. Remember that there will be people shooting the match with irons, so a 1-4x Rifle Scopes is usually more than enough. nickforney

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