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Insight Technology 4/17/2012 5:47:54 PM LiquidG: I ended up buying it. The tail cap has a small little plug that pops out and you insert the pressure switch which has a button on the end. So you can use the switch or push the tail cap. It seems just as bright as my surefire m300A, but I don’t have any NVD so I can’t comment on the IR abilities. Mine came with a black pouch, black flip lens cap, single pressure switch, and has the built in rotational mount. It also has a strobe mode. I’ll try to post some pictures when I get a chance, but there are some in the M4A1 block 2 thread, I think I posted them around page 187ish. I’d hope it’s at least as bright as an m300a. 110 vs 200 I’m really intrigued by this light. I have a thing for Vis/IR weapon lights (hence me owning all 3 vampire models) and I’m always staring at the next shiny thing. WML-IR, m720v, and wmx200. Just wish these were showing up on the EEs. I watched the SHOT video and the switching system seems very intuitive. Can’t wait to see your pics. There aren’t any many online. amuroray

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